COVID19 Update 
 July 7, 2020 
"I Was Glad"
“I Was Glad,” wrote the psalmist, “when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’” As Virginia has now entered into Phase Three, the deacons of Bethany Baptist Church met on Monday, July 6 and following decisions were made regarding in-person church services in the months of July and August.
Sunday morning in-person services will be held in our fellowship hall starting at 11 AM. The worship service will be approximately 30 minutes long and, in order to stay within compliance with the current state regulations and best practice outlines, we will observe physical distancing, no congregational singing, and encourage voluntary use of face covering, if so desired. We are delighted to be able to make good use of our fellowship hall and thank you, Bethany family, for being an example of desiring to fulfill the call of the Scriptures to maintain the fellowship with one another while, at the same time, respecting the guidelines issued by our governing authorities.
We will continue to stream mid-week devotionals online with a target posting time of 5 PM each Wednesday evening. We are also going to hold a shortened monthly business meeting on July 22 and August 19.
Thank you, Bethany Family, for your ongoing prayers, ministry, and continued financial support to our congregation. Your faithfulness makes it possible to carry on the ministry and the mission of the church in our community, nation, and - through your mission giving - in the world.
Deacons of Bethany Baptist Church
COVID19 Update
June 22, 2020 
Dear Bethany Family,
After our first in-person meeting in our fellowship hall last Wednesday night, we are going to offer in-person services on Wednesday, June 24 and July 1 at 7 PM. We felt comfortable with the room arrangement and were blessed by the gathering, Miss Sandy's music and God's Word.
We will continue to observe social distancing as closely as we can. Please remember that for some of us, going back to a gathering is a big step due to health reasons and personal experiences with COVID19.
For our first in -person Sunday morning worship, July 5, has been set as a tentative date to gather for Communion Service as regulations will allow.
If you feel more comfortable watching it from home, we will continue to upload the services on our Facebook and Church website as well.
May you have a blessed week as we continue to be the light of Christ.
Pastor Kori
COVID19 Update 
 June 6, 2020 
"The Mission Goes On"
    Before, during, and after the pandemic, and throughout all the turmoil of our world, the fundamental mission of the church was, is, and will be the same. Get up and get going, preach Christ crucified and resurrected, and teach believers to practice the same authentic truths Jesus delivered to His first disciples. Our mission has not changed, Bethany Baptist Church - we have simply adjusted the methods in which we carry out our mission in response to the unprecedented circumstances in our world.

   On Friday night (June 5), our deacons met to make decisions about what methods to use to move forward with our mission during the month of June as we have now entered into Phase Two of opening up our Commonwealth. At this time, the rules and regulations put forth by the governor regarding religious gatherings for Phase Two (Executive Order 65) have remained virtually the same as during Phase One. We continue striving to balance the call of the Bible and our deep desire to meet together for worship while, at the same time, adhering to the state regulations currently in place and maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our members and visitors. A limited survey of church members has also been conducted and evaluated.
    After prayerful consideration, the unanimous decision of the Deacon Body was 1) to plan on holding an in-person prayer service in the fellowship hall of Bethany Baptist Church on Wednesday, June 17, at 7 PM while maintaining social distancing and observing all other regulations and best practices. 2) In the meantime, we will continue offering Wednesday and Sunday services online and through social media until 3) Sunday, July 5, which has been set as a tentative date to gather for an in-person Communion Service as regulations will allow.

    A health coordinator will also be designated who will be responsible for planning and overseeing all preparations for our place of worship to be able to safely meet for the in-person services. Although face coverings and gloves are not required, if you feel safer with those items, please bring your own. Also, by all means, keep others safe by staying home if you feel ill.

   We want you to know, Bethany Family, how grateful we are for your ongoing prayers, ministry, and financial support to our congregation. May the Lord’s goodness and mercy follow us in the days ahead as we go, share, and build up one another.

Deacons of Bethany Baptist Church
Please invite friends and family to like and join our Bethany Baptist Church Facebook page for daily musical encouragement and devotionals which will be posted each Wednesday and Sunday. Please feel free to share any of the posts with others.

Even as we are not meeting physically in the church building, we continue to live out our calling as people of God in our Northern Neck community and beyond. Please consider donating to help us continue bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to our church family and neighbors in some creative ways we never really considered before. At this time, if you desire to give your tithes and offerings, you may do so by:

Mail to:
P.O. BOX 641
CALLAO, VA 22435

Come by the church between 10–11 AM on Sunday morning where two individuals will receive them. Thank you for helping us carry on our mission.

Click on 'Giving' in the menu and give online through, or download the app on your phone.

To communicate new information or any updates concerning our church family, we will use the following methods: 1. You may call the church office at 804..529.6890 and listen to the voice mail message. 2. All church cancellations will be announced on the local radio stations. 3. Weekly email messages and updates will be sent to everyone on our email list. If you would like to be added to the list, please send an email to 4. You may also check out our Bethany website at 5. All pertinent information will be posted on Bethany’s FaceBook page.

Continue to be Light and Salt (Matthew 5:13-16).
Pastor Kori